Use your Android phone/phablet to control VLC player on Linux(all distros) and Windows 8

12 Feb

Use your Android phone/phablet to control VLC player on Linux(all distros) and Windows 8 computer.

This method will turn your android device into a remote control for your computer/dedicated HTPC/STB or any multimedia device that USES VLC media player with networking capabilities.

Before proceeding ahead install vlc sdr lite or Remote for Vlc on your android phone or device from the play store.

Control your vlc player with your Android device…
You can install the latest version of vlc from website…but before that uninstall vlc completely and delete the directory from /usr/share/vlc…..
In ubuntu and arch linux install from software-centre and terminal using pacman respectively…

With vlc working….do as follows:
open vlc gui…..goto Tools……..preferences…….then under show settings –click all………on the left side scroll down to ‘Main interface’—–enable/check the ‘web’ box on the right…….click save and exit from vlc.

open terminal by pressing CTRL+ALT+T
type this:

sudo nano /usr/share/vlc/lua/http/.hosts

—-enter your password…

unhash the following lines from the code as shown below:

    # Access-list for VLC HTTP interface
    # $Id$

    # localhost

    # link-local addresses

    # private addresses

    # The world (uncommenting these 2 lines is not quite safe)

Once you have unhashed all the lines below from #private addresses…then press CTRL+O to save ….next press enter…..then press CTRL+X to exit….

DONE. THe computer side is done… take your android phone/phablet etc and ENABLE wifi. Next open the respective app(there are many apps …they might all work). In Remote for Vlc go to ‘Add VLC server’ and enter the **ip address of your computer and let the port (8080) be alone. press ok.

**Now to check your network ip address that you must enter on your vlc remote app on phone….click on the network status icon on your panel……next click —connection information—your IP address will be given something like 192.168.0.XX……Enter this in your vlc remote phone app……


open a video in vlc on computer and check your app to see if you are able to control it like a remote from your phone….

NOTE: This procedure will work for the whole linux world and not specific to any distro.

Same procedure for WIndows 8 !!…….do as follows..
open wordpad as administrator.
Next click on open and then browse to C:/Program Files(x86)/VideoLAN/VLC/lua/http/.hosts…..and do the usual unhashing as mentioned above and save and exit…..also dont forget to enable the ‘web’ box under Main interfaces in vlc.
That’s All folks.

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One response to “Use your Android phone/phablet to control VLC player on Linux(all distros) and Windows 8

  1. vin

    December 13, 2013 at 4:28 pm

    Thank you! now i can manage all my music and videos by phone also on my linux mint netbook.

    On vlc 2.09 twoflower, is not possible to set any password in Main Interface / Lua anyway works fine setting only the right ip on the phone. Port 8080 can be changed if you need in vlc – preference – all – input codec scroll down and on http cange port.


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