Enable or Install D-Link DWM 156 broadband modem on ubuntu 12.04/ 12.10 x86 or x86_64

04 Jan

The dwm-156 comes shipped with a 32 bit driver file (.deb format) in its native small flash storage, albeit it can be installed on a 64 bit ubuntu with the ia32-lib dependency installed from software centre.

Before proceeding ahead i would say that i used ultimate edition linux 3.4 64 bit– this distro has all the library and dependencies for installing drivers(ia32-libs, usb_modeswitch).

The driver supplied with the dongle is a 32 bit driver. This successfully gets installed on a 64 bit ubuntu if and only if you have– ia32-libs installed…………….

I used this driver with lubuntu 64 bit and got an error message when i run the command after install the 32 bit driver on 64 bit ubuntu:


—> /usr/bin/usbdeviceswitchdlink: command not found

The work around is simple…at the terminal type this:

sudo su

—- ENTER password

Then type…

apt-get -y install ia32-libs

The above command will add 32 bit compatibility on 64 bit ubuntu successfully.

if you get an error message …run the command again.

Once successfully installed proceed ahead and you shouldn’t get any error messages once you have installed the 32 bit driver on your 64 bit ubuntu……………….

Open terminal press ctrl+alt+t

type usb without quotes then press tab twice

if you don’t see usb_modeswitch it means it is not installed – good you don’t need it. if yes you need to uninstall usb_modeswitch.

Step 1

Now the command is

sudo su

enter pass

mkdir /media/cdrom
mount /dev/srx     /media/cdrom 

press tab twice

N.B. x must be 1 or 2 – use accordingly

Once mounted

Press alt+f2



You will see cdrom mouted on the left

click it

a file dlinkusbmodem .deb present

Double click it

Install it

Step 2

After install type at terminal


It will show command executed successfully.

Check your network icon on your unity panel or gnome-classic’s gnome-panel you will see ‘Mobile Broadband’ option highlighted…..follow your instincts.


I’m using this dongle with reliance netconnect 3g.

And here’s the video.


In case you are not able to mount the device ie step 1,there is alternative:

1.Connect device to windows PC . (do not install the Dlink.exe. if already installed uninstall it) Then reconnect device It will show as usb storage device.

2.Browse it and copy file dlinkusbmodem.deb (our driver) to any sotage device

3.log in ubuntu and paste file to any directory and install it der by double clicking (if it gives error go for terminal command) or type following comand at terminal

sudo dpkg install dlinkusbmodem .deb 

4.Drivers shoud be installed

now follow instruction as per Step 2

WARNING!!: Modem connection and disconnection regression- typical of usb 3g modems will occur if you run

sudo apt-get update

be WARY when you run the above command, as your modem might start getting disconnected when you enable the network!

If it occurs, reinstall the drivers after purging them fully. This effectually will solve the problem. Follow the above steps to install.


*Just want to bring to your notice… If you insert your 3g sim card in the dongle you might get instant connection.. After a certain period of time and usage the dongle will get disconnected!! I had taken a 3GB FRC pack for first usage. I spent a few days with this problem until I went to the showroom of my service provider where he stated… The data used upto 1GB is at the customers discretion. Once that data is used your connection cuts because your IMEI no. of the dongle goes in for verification( to check whether the device has a valid and not stolen IMEI). This procedure can take upto 3 days……….. After three days i call the tech support of my service provider and they confirmed it will take another 2 days for the connection and the rest of the 2 GB usage back. I CONTINUOUSLY GOT ” MODEM DISCONNECTED” ERROR WHILE USING THE 3G SIM CARD WITH THIS DONGLE. THIS IS A TYPICAL PROBLEM MOST USB MODEMS HAVE AND I THOUGHT ITS THE SAME THING…UNTIL I INSERTED MY 2G SIM CARD AND GOT THE CONNECTION INSTANTANEOUSLY!! i HAD A 2G CONNECTION IN MY PHONE’S SIM AND I GOT A 18KB/S SUSTAINED DOWNLOAD SPEED WITH THIS DONGLE. ALL PROBLEMS SOLVED.*

*NOW for the fun part:—>

Using 3g connection using this dongle on my lubuntu 12.04 netbook and connecting to my wireless TP-LINK N 300 router to get internet connection to all the computers on the network.


Here is the procedure:–

from my lubuntu 12.04 netbook …enable 3g connection using dwm 156 and check internet connection

connect my ethernet port of my netbook to wan port of router

open network-manager on netbook

goto wired connection 1 (eth0)

press edit button

goto IPv4 settings

enable- shared to other computers


reboot router and netbook.


NOW if you get connection-disconnected error do the following:–>

open terminal


sudo su --enter password

then type

killall dnsmasq


If need be check your router’s wan IP settings *

Now i’m sharing internet connection using D-link DWM 156 with 7 computers.


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7 responses to “Enable or Install D-Link DWM 156 broadband modem on ubuntu 12.04/ 12.10 x86 or x86_64

  1. gede

    January 27, 2013 at 7:42 pm

    appreciate your help to others…………,
    unfortunately above task din’t work for me…….. because i’v that dongle problem in 32-bit_Ubuntu_12.10….. could you help me plzz…..!!

    • tuxstack

      January 28, 2013 at 3:48 am

      hi gede,

      for the dlink drivers shipped with the dongle to work correctly you MUST uninstall usb_modeswitch completely as it directly conflicts with the switching mechanism of the modem.
      uninstall by

      sudo apt-get remove usb_modeswitch
  2. lawrence Mayalil

    June 20, 2013 at 9:23 pm

    i have had the same problem and have found a simple way to solve the issue. please visit the below link. i have used the default usb_modeswitch itself to switch the storage mode to modem mode.double clicking will not install the deb file for most of the users. so use dpkg command in terminal i have solved the problem and posted all etails with pictures so even begineers can easily solve the issue.

    • tuxstack

      June 23, 2013 at 5:13 am

      Awesome lawrence!

      getting usb_modeswitch to do the job is wonderful.
      But you must also realize the device ID is not persistent across different platforms. So the ID changes from system to system and in no way is it useful to a new user.

      A new user who doesn’t know how to read and understand the parameters at the terminal, usb_modeswitch is a backward step. The device has to just Work. The driver provided does an excellent job of switching without any hunting work…

      On debian wheezy this modem is plug-n-play with kernel 3.2 and you can even upgrade the kernel without causing problems to the ease of use of this modem.

      ia32libs will soon be deprecated and be replaced by multiarch…and i believe newer versions of ubuntu will be plugnplay with this modem.

      Thanks again,
      Take care.

      • lawrence

        August 5, 2013 at 8:47 am

        thanks for reply. i am trying to connect the dlink dwm 156 A6 to my raspberry pi, a single board computer with debian wheezy , but no success.. any help reguarding this would be appretiated..

  3. tuxstack

    September 20, 2013 at 2:01 pm

    Unlikely the raspberry pi kernel(ARM) will have the driver included. The kernel is compiled for most but some crucial ones will always be left out, to prevent overhead as resources are limited.
    Try to install the ubuntu driver included in the flash for the modem if itself…
    See if this link is of any help:

    Every 6 months the device is revised and so are the drivers. This should cause no problems for installing drivers.

    NOTE: The Tp- link TL-MR3420 is plug and play with this modem. The dwm 156 works brilliantly with the router i mentioned. Not only that the signal holds strong and you can do large downloads.(Be careful not to finish your quota!!) Infact when your cable goes down the broadband automatically picks up. You will never have a downtime.
    This is the router:
    Also the TpLink-MR3020 is plug-n-play with the DWM-156 after a bios update.

  4. Sivamani

    March 23, 2014 at 6:32 am

    Hi all,

    I am using Ubuntu 12.04. my dwm156 detecting in lsusb but not detected as /dev/sr1. Please someone guide me.


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